River levels, rainfall and sea data

Station name
Prendergast Mill
Current status
River name
Western Cleddau
Main river catchment
Cleddau and Pembrokeshire Coastal Rivers
Station NGR
Station opened
Station description
Flow measurement station on the Western Cleddau by the old mill at Prendergast Mill around 2.0km upstream of Haverfordwest (ID4098). Catchment area 197.6km2.
Station comment
Level Steady
Latest reading: 0.689m 26/09/22 11:00
No Data Available for Current Range
To View to
Currently viewing
Level Falling
Treffgarne Western Cleddau
Currently viewing
Level Steady
Prendergast Mill Western Cleddau
Currently viewing
Level Rising
Haverfordwest Western Cleddau
Currently viewing
Level Steady
Canaston Bridge Eastern Cleddau

We publish the information about river levels so people living in flood risk areas are better informed and can decide what actions to take as the water levels change.

Anglers and boaters will also be able to use this information to check the water levels before they set off.

Read through our help guide to learn more about our river level online map, how to use its features, where our data comes from and how we use it. Please contact us if you need any information.

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